European Conference on Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMP)

Bremen Declaration on Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning in Europe

The just concluded 3rd European Conference on Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans in Brebremen_declaration 1men has come out with a declaration that points to:

  • Efficient use of street space with minimal technical infrastructure, focusing on its (street space’s) most efficient use which is, primarily, walking and cycling.
  • Putting people ahead of vehicles, making urban space livable. Breathing space not ju st for the lungs but our own mobility.
  • Addressing transport challenges for businesses. Can we minimize use of space, with efficient and sustainable logistic solutions? And can we even begin to work on local manufacturing – read 3-D printing?
  • Spatial planning with mobility factored in has not yet succeeded, in that we have not been able to square the circle. Can SUMP make a difference in today’s cities, in an economically sustainable form?
  • Implement simple solutions, using technology as a tool.
  • Put use ahead of ownership. Can we truly move to a share economy without toppling the apple cart?
  • Enable people to participate in shaping their city. Is citizen science a way forward?
  • Be prepared for future developments.

bremen_declarationElectric bus Bremen

2 thoughts on “European Conference on Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMP)”

  1. It is important to teach people on what are the causes of air pollution. Using electric vehicles and other types of sustainable transport is just the first step: but it has to be done!

    1. Quite right! At the end of the day, we need to also produce electricity from somewhere. A 1to1 replacement of an IC engine with an electric motor will not be of much help. The vehicle is cleaner, to the extent that it uses cleaner energy and is more efficient, but it is energy nevertheless.

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