Motorists to Public Transport

Turku in Finland is another example of a successful campaign in reversing the flow – Stop the madding crowd! Anyone with a driver’s license can exchange it for a bus pass. Over 5’000 motorists have made the move to avail of the 20 Euros worth of bus commuting.Föli - switch from your car to a public bus

Motorists in the Turku region are able to get a taste of bus travel this spring at no cost. The offer is open to anyone with a driving license who has not previously registered a Turku bus card. If they sign up with Föli, the region’s transport authority, their first card will be loaded with 20 Euros worth of travel credits.Föli - Turku public transport

The public transport agency Föli (site in Finnish) initiated the campaign which will run till the 27th of March. With a population of 250’000, there is a lot of potential. Public transport needs to play an important role, weaning people away from using private motorized vehicles. If one cannot walk or cycle, the next best thing would be public transport.


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