An E-Bike Like a Tesla Model S

I’ve never ridden a Tesla, but several e-bikes. If you ride a GenZe e-bike, you will be using the Samsung batteries that power a Tesla, albeit in a smaller format. GenZe, a company in Fremont, California has introduced e-bikes, which switch between pedelec and throttle modes. At approx. 25 kgs. and a sticker price of $$1,499, it caters to a wide audience. The e-bike lacks much of what is required to make it a commuting vehicle. Mud guards, a carrier, a chain guard etc.

The dashboard display  shows the battery status, speed, power level setting, distance travelled, trip time etc.

The 250W brushless DC motor and 7 speed Shimano derailleur backed by a 8.7ah battery promise a smooth ride in its home turf of hilly territory.

5 thoughts on “An E-Bike Like a Tesla Model S”

  1. Hi Prith,

    I’ve driven and ridden both. They are great. Tesla uses Panasonic, however. The great thing about GenZe’s bike is that the battery is in the frame, thus giving it a better lower center of gravity. For the cost, it’s the best deal around.

    1. Hi Nicolas,

      If you like the battery in the frame, you may want to take a look at the Stromer series. They have a patented system with a streamlined finish, though it has its price. You are right about the battery make. I was referring to the 21700 battery cell technology that Tesla introduced. I understand that the same cell technology is used both by Panasonic and by Samsung, though there is no mention of it in GenZe’s specifications.

    1. I think it is called “Swissness” in Switzerland. Perhaps a euphemism for expensive, perhaps. The ST2 has quite a few things going for it such as the aluminium alloy, LED lamps, USB charging port, a torque sensor, an accelerometer, a gyroscopic incline sensor, Bluetooth, GPS, a GSM cellphone connection, an anti-theft locking system and an App. I hope that didn’t sound like a salesman. I won’t mention the price though 😉
      More than anything else a pedelec is an healthy way to move around, irrespective of the make.

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