Mesocyclones (Superilles) in Barcelona

Barcelona, superillesThe planned superblocks (superilles) in Barcelona may well conjure-up visions of monstrous housing blocks of the 50s and 60s with all their appurtenant issues. But these superilles, literally super islands, measuring 400 x 400 meters aim to provide citizens life-sustaining space. The plan to cut down the prevalence of motorized private traffic on public space by 61% in the neighbourhood of Eixample will serve as a petri dish in bringing about radical change in living space.

With restricted access and no through traffic, vehicles within superblocks have a max. speed limit set at 10kmph. With increased bicycle lanes and better public transport, these measures will go a long way in making cities liveable for citizens to live healthier lives.

558ebc5bd7fe1_ec62bfc99ed98c24c40e7c8efb91315cThere is a dire need for studies that look not only into the social, environmental and health aspects of urban life, but also the economic impact on its denizens in a more holistic manner.


A University of Oregon’s study tool -A Dynamic Design Approach for Barcelona’s Superilles


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