CIVITAS DYN@MO aims big, using web 2.0, introducing people-friendly mobility solutions with electrCIVITAS DYN@MOic and hybrid vehicles, CIVITAS DYN@MO engages in a dialogue with those affected viz. citizens of the affected areas. Dynamic citizen dialogue is a key in the successful implementation of mobility solutions and services. Two leading European cities have been at the core, Aachen in Germany and Gdynia in Poland, with the follow-on cities Palma de Mallorca in Spain and Koprivnica in Croatia.

The mission of CIVITAS DYN@MO is to strengthen sustainable mobility by promoting non-polluting lifestyles, fostering social interaction and collaboration on the basis of the new media, and implementing integrated implementation of innovative transport services for active citizens of all ages.

Madrid Expands Bicycle Lanes in 2016

Cyclists in Madrid have something else to cheer about. Their city council has decided to spend over € 40 Million on improving and expanding bike

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Pedestrian bike lane

lanes this year. A number of parties in the ‘Ahora Madrid’ bloc have promised a new plan to facilitate and encourage use of cycles in the city. The plan is also to expand the bike sharing system, BiciMad, in Madrid.

Among the issues that cities and cyclists face is whether to have cycle lanes in combination with pedestrian space or with regular traffic. Cycles and cyclists do not have crumple zones. And moving together with five tonne behemoths has its own set of risks.

End-to-end connectivity is a key term and it is upon us to ensure that bike lanes are thought through. Patchy bike lane stretches are not a sustainable solution. When we acknowledge that pedestrians need safe space, we must also provide cyclists with similar safe zones.

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BiciMad at Hotel Quatro, Madrid

Avere France rewards seven regions

Avere FranceE-Mobility makes a marked difference in cutting down noxious emissions. France’s national association for the development of electric mobility, AVERE, has given awards to seven French regions.

The awards showcase efforts of towns, municipalities and other institutions actively enabling or deploying electric vehicles. Awardees include Paris and the island territory of la Réunion.

Walking buses

Walking Bus

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You’ve read it correctly. It is a bus made up of walkers! Complete with ‘drivers’, ‘conductors’, ‘passengers’ and even a ‘park and stride’. Obesity and other complications of modern day life catch us young. Getting school children to walk to school, is something we need to re-acquire. It is healthy!


FIRED-uP – FIRE services Develop innovative Procurement

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Nothing like a warm fire on a cold winter’s day. Raging fires, on the other hand, need to be doused quickly. Fire engines are a common sight, though little has been researched and publicized about their environmental impact.  The Competitiveness and Innovation Programme of the European Union has co-financed projects in the the cities of Ghent and London to carry out research on the environmental aspects and provide solutions to avoid and mitigate environmental impact. Another step in making a positive change.